STORY #6: Summer Season 2019 came to the end…

October 8, 2019

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Summer Season came to the end with a big success and a big heartfelt, and well-deserved THANK YOU to #TeamMinoisVillage2019!


Season 2019 was a milestone year for us. We went from 4 stars to 5 stars and from Hotel Suites to Boutique Suites. Fully renovated – everything brand new – new private accommodation types with private pools – new well being experiences. Not only had we to achieve our smooth transition but in the same time we had to accomplish our goals regarding 2019.


You were all there – stood by us – got inspired by our passion! We couldn’t be more grateful!


Through all of you, coming in day after day and always putting your best foot forward, we were able to achieve so much. At the same time our guests were assured of our commitment to the highest quality of hospitality. Every single day guests on departure congratulated us not only for Minois Village but also for our “well trained” staff that goes above and beyond to highlight our slogan, “spoil our guests”. They praised us for keeping up the attitude that the best Hotel ever would mean nothing without its people – without a team!


Those were the moments that we felt so pleased and proud, sometimes even trying to hide our emotions. Getting reviews that praised our work was the best moments in our daily routine. Every now and then somebody gave the call “we got another one! – 5 stars on Τripadvisor!” “5 stars on Booking. com”…


Very few things speak so loudly of an hotel than a guest becoming a repeater. Upon departure most of our guests said “See you next year”. So we got another inhouse new slogan. “You come as a guest – you leave as a friend”. That was a job well done!


We know that it wasn’t easy at times. There were some ups and downs, but that’s to be expected. Everyone pulled together and worked as a team. The bottom line is, we know how much time and energy this assignment demanded, and we deeply appreciate all of your efforts, both individually, and as a team.


Special thanks also to all of you that have been part of our Team in previous seasons. All of you who were together in Minois Village along those 30 years putting your heart to our story. Without your shared pride we simply could not have been so satisfactorily successful. We are always delighted when we very often see your likes and shares on social”, take your calls for wishes during the year, get your news and feeling proud specially for those who followed your dreams.


2019 was the year we introduced 5 Star Minois Village Boutique Suites and Spa……. and definitely 6 Star Minois Village Team


You are a great team. And, lastly thank you all for the pleasure and privilege of working with you!


“See you next year?”